About Us

So who's Frankly Iris and how did it all start?

I’m Vickie a mum to three beautiful and strong minded your girls, Nell, Nancy and Liv. I’m the photographer and normally your first point of contact. I have always been extremely creative but with bills to pay and life getting in the way I never followed my passion of photography. After the birth of my third child and some life changing events, I moved to Brentwood Essex, quit my job and studied photography. Stephanie was a huge part of this decision, helping with childcare while I studied and being a continuous source of encouragement. I have naturally developed a style and direction and feel passionately about timeless, high quality photography.

Lastly you my wonder where did the name Frankly Iris come from? Named after Vickie’s nan and granddad Frank and Iris. Childhood sweethearts, in love till the end and a true family. Everything we stand for here at Frankly Iris xxx